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Welcome (back?) to the blog. It's been a long time so we're just going to start from scratch (little sad - I've actually written some decent stuff on prior iterations of my site).

For those that don't know me (which I assume is most people), my name is Indranil. Feel free to call me Indy. I'm 25, coming up on 7 years in the NYC startup space, and am here to share my relatively unfiltered thoughts.

With prior iterations of my blog, I had a specific goal. Daily blogging, spinning it into a brand or a business, etc. No longer. I'm both too busy and also frankly don't care. This space is mostly for me, but is also a window into my brain at the time I'm writing each post. The posts will have minimal editing, minimal linking off to other things (unless it's specifically about something), and will often be written at weird times and on my phone (like this first post).

This isn't to mean I don't want to engage. I'd love to. If something I say sparks a thought, makes you feel some way, etc - let me know. I'd love to talk about it. If you need help with something that I can help with, reach out. We'll see if something can be done.

As some quick updates and a preview of what you may see in the coming days and weeks: I lead FP&A for Alma now. Started a couple of months ago and I really love the team and mission. Outside of work, I'm still running. Did I take marathon training seriously enough? No, and it's going to show on Sunday. But I'll do my best. I'm also getting back into tennis and want to start getting into tournament shape early next year. Haven't really had time for much else, but at least I'm posting again, so that's something.

Stay tuned for more. Good to be back, but again, I don't have a schedule in mind. Will post when I have something more to share.

- Indy

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