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Competing Interests

This is mainly a test of the Wix mobile app. While I think I'll try to write in the mornings (east coast time) and mostly write on desktop (so I can add charts and images more easily), the app might help me post more consistently.

Tonight is an example. Didn't really have anything concrete to say, nor the energy to write out something longer that I have planned - but downloading the Wix app lets me post some quick thoughts. Spur of the moment. Which I think is important because if I'm going to post regularly, I really need to exercise that muscle and write as often as possible (without trending towards posting simply for the sake of posting).

In that light, just wanted to talk openly about how I have always struggled with competing interests. While I mention in my bio, positively, that I have many interests, what I neglect to mention is that it can cause some lack of focus. Time is limited, so trying to be good at tennis, running, climbing, entrepreneurial endeavors, and of course, my job - pretty difficult. Throw in trying to cook at home consistently and spending more time on some things I want to learn (just restarted a Harvard CS50 course), I have really little time.

Might talk about burnout at some other point, but getting everything I want done needs serious prioritization. A therapy tactic I learned is differentiating "wants, and want to wants." And it's something I really struggle with because conceptually, I want a lot of things.

What the tactic is about is getting real with yourself on what is a priority, vs something you just conceptually want. It doesn't mean the thing you conceptually want isn't important to you - it's just not as important as other things that you're prepared to commit time and resources to right now.

Just this last week, I decided that due to financial constraints, tennis is going to have to be a little bit more of a want to want. I just don't have the money (and frankly commute time) to invest into training seriously via an academy. So until that changes, I'll just be practicing when I can and playing lower ranked tournaments, serving both as competition and additional practice. To fill the gap, I'll pick up my running more. Ideally, I would have done both as they're complementary, but it's just not working out like that. All good - have a marathon coming up in April anyway which is shockingly soon.

Separately, there are some other things I'm working on that I can't share too broadly, but they're more of a priority. And I haven't been dedicating enough time to that as is.

It's fairly late at night so this is probably even less coherent than usual. All this to say, I like a lot of things but there just isn't enough time in the day or money to explore everything. So I need to get real about what I want to do for sure right now, and then go do them.

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