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First Post (Kind of)

So this is probably the 5th or 6th iteration of this blog. Previous iterations had some pretty well thought out posts - short and long. I talked about everything from politics to urban farming. But it didn't stick. I couldn't keep it going. The lack of engagement may have been a factor, but really, I just ran out of variety and motivation. I didn't feel like posting because creating content is pretty hard. It's a lot of work, it takes time, and when you aren't being paid for it, it's pretty easy to stop posting. Ultimately, it was my own laziness.

What I've decided this time though is to focus in on things I actually care about, and things I do daily. Documenting things, rather than stretching myself to create new content regularly - while also avoiding turning into this version of the documenter. This still takes consistency and motivation, but hopefully it reduces the burden of creativity.

So, what is it that I actually do these days? Through the week, I work at Alma, a mental health platform that helps connect therapists and individuals looking for mental health care. It's been a wonderful experience this past year or so, with a ton of growth (both personal and for the company). I'm looking forward to seeing all of the great things to come. (Now is probably a good time to say that everything on my blog is mine, except where explicitly noted. It's a reflection of me, and the thoughts and opinions shared here may not reflect the thoughts, views, or opinions of Alma, any other company I work for/with, or any business I run).

Outside of Alma, I help founders in the NY tech community with things from time to time - ranging from hiring strategy to corporate financial planning advice, to just general business model advice. It's been pretty informal thus far, but I love all things business building, so feel free to get in touch if you need any help with something you're building.

Outside of that, I am still running marathons (4 NYC Marathons down, many to go), playing tennis (getting back into tournament play), cooking, and eating. I'm also getting back out to concerts/festivals as the Covid situation improves, and going to sports games whenever possible (think I went to the US Open 5 times this year, and also saw the Yankees lose a playoff game yet again).

This blog is going to reflect all of the above. There is no stated goal here, and I am going to continue to write how I speak. This is basically a conversation with you, the reader. And just as is the case with how I speak, there isn't going to be much editing on this blog. Unless I'm writing a very detailed, informative piece, this is going to be published as written. No drafts.

Stay tuned for more, but think I'm going to post things like startup/finance resources, running progress (training schedules, race performance, gear updates, etc), tennis progress (tournaments, talking about pros), and random food things. There will be other random rants and posts too - especially about sports things like F1 and the Yankees. I'm also working on updating my photography portfolio and might sell prints and posters this time around.

Anyway. Enough for now. Talk soon.

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