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Food Friday #1 - Saturday?

This is going to happen from time to time. Late posts. Honestly, I'm just happy that I'm only 1 post behind.

What I was going to talk about yesterday is all the food I'm excited to try in NYC this year. Late last year, Michelin released their 2022 Stars for NYC and just recently, announced some additions to their Guide. I'll be honest. This isn't the only (or even main) list I use to find places to eat. I've had one of the best meals of my life at a 3 star place (Jean-Georges, back when they had 3 stars), and some pretty 'acceptable at best' meals at 2 star places. I've actually found 1 star to be the sweet spot in many cases. So the Michelin stars and guide are a loose list for me at best.

This year though, they definitely have some places I'm excited to try. Oiji Mi for example is one of them. One of the chefs would be less than thrilled to see me - we will not be going into that.

Moving right along, out of the three star places, Eleven Madison Park - sadly not one I am any longer excited for. I regret not going before they adopted a vegan menu, but at this point, I just can't justify the price for food I'm not going to be as interested in. On the other hand, I think it's finally time for me to venture to Per Se. It's a polarizing place and it can cost as much as rent with the various add ons, but I might check it out and see if it's truly a 1/4 or a fantastic experience.

Out of the two star places, Atera and Jungsik stand out. And out of the one star places, I'm definitely going back to Cote a fourth time to get the Butcher's Feast (again). I also, embarrassingly enough, have yet to get over to Gramercy Tavern. Blue Hill, Dirt Candy, One White Street (another place I'm scared to go), and Sushi Noz are all very much on my list as well.

Obviously, that's not comprehensive - I'll go to anything in the one, two, or three star list if I can afford it. Those just stand out as places I've been meaning to check out.

Aside from that list, I need to get to Dhamaka as soon as a table opens up. I want to take my mom to Ci Siamo (been once, loved it). My friend and I have been talking about Kochi for a while. And honestly, my favorite steak place in the city (St. Anselm) could always use another visit.

I'll chronicle all my food journeys this year, every Friday right here on the blog, and who knows - maybe I'll post my own recipes and makings sometimes as well. Have been meaning to publish a cookbook since high school. Maybe this is finally the year.

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